Charting the course to optimize value and access

Navigating the complex forces that shape US managed markets has become ever more challenging. Success requires trusted market experience, deep scientific expertise, and sharp commercial intelligence.


At Certara, our mission is to be your partner – developing proven value and access strategies based on timely and insightful evidence. You can count on a 20-year track record of delivering strategies that optimize your asset’s value to deliver access by payers, preference by HCPs and use by patients.


Evidence-driven pricing and reimbursement strategy

Identifying and navigating market access hurdles begins with understanding the clinical and market access landscape and requires research-based identification and
refinement of key value drivers.

We partner with our clients to develop comprehensive and early value assessments, and to prepare for launch with optimal price and coverage:

  • Count on reliable primary insights from a vetted network of US formulary and distribution decision-makers, the Certara Compass Panel
  • Anticipate and overcome coverage, coding, and payment hurdles
  • Position optimal value messages to a variety of US market stakeholders
  • Leverage qualitative & quantitative pricing studies, supported by deep expertise in gross-to-net modelling and value-based contracting
  • Utilize strategic decision-making tools to answer future reimbursement and distribution scenarios in competitive categories as markets evolve
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Evidence-driven pricing and reimbursement strategy
Innovator Strategy and Investor Due Diligence

Innovator Strategy and Investor Due Diligence

Certara guides innovators in substantiating their market value for financing or partnering deals. We helped biotech clients create $44B in value for their investors through out-licensing of assets, IPOs, and acquisitions since 2018.

On the buy-side, we are supporting high-stakes due diligence rounds, assessing commercial opportunities totaling around $2-3B every year.

  • Benefit from our wide in-house therapeutic expertise to pressure-test registration, reimbursement, and commercialization assumptions
  • Obtain strategic, impartial, and dependable assessments – validated by scientific expertise, data analytics, and validation with KOL and payer decision-makers
  • Rely on rapid turnaround for tight due diligence timelines. Back up your deal structures with our quantitative net revenue forecasting, adjusting for critical pricing and access scenarios across key payer types
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Value Frameworks and ICER- Assessments

Demands for real-world evidence are increasing among all stakeholders, spurring payer expectations to see unique product value demonstrated within structured value frameworks, such as NCCN, ASCO or ICER. Many US payers refer to ICER assessments to support their formulary evaluation processes.

  • Translate value strategies into multi-level response playbook of market access, HEOR, and communications tactics
  • Set up and initiate an organizational readiness platform to enable your comprehensive ICER response
  • Identify likely scenarios and pricing evolutions following new ICER reviews and corresponding competitive activity
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Value Frameworks and ICER- Assessments
Our Team
Maximilian Vargas
Maximilian Vargas Sr. Director, US Access Strategy

Maximilian Vargas, PhD MBA, is a Senior Director, US Access Strategy and Account Management within Certara’s Evidence and Access Group since 2012. He brings both scientific training and experience in healthcare product development that are important for evidence-based value and access strategies for pipeline and marketed products.


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