As our flagship and foundational business, our health economics and outcomes research consultants support the assessment and communication of value to healthcare stakeholders around the world. The team has a keen understanding of decisionmaker expectations and drivers of real-world value for products, devices, and other health technologies, and can back up that understanding with scientifically sound evidence strategies and the highest quality and credible evidence development. Our team has the expertise and experience to deliver on global and regional evidence development strategies, as well as local tactical execution in order to support coverage and reimbursement.

Quantifying burden of disease

Our team specializes in the quantification of burden which allows our clients to establish the unmet need and place of their product or device in therapy:

  • Burden of illness studies built upon systematic literature reviews, primary research programs, and real-world evidence
  • Patient Surveys including collection of patient reported outcomes, utilities, and preferences
Quantifying burden of disease
Leading the execution of your HEOR studies and projects

Leading the execution of your HEOR studies and projects

We’ve successfully conducted hundreds of health economics and outcomes research projects across various disease areas for over 25 years including among other services:

  • Health economic analyses for HTA assessments, payer communications and external publication:
    • Budget Impact, Cost-Consequence, Cost-Utility, Cost-Effectiveness
    • Clinical trial analytics for HTA applications (curve fitting, post-hoc analyses for model building, statistical adjustments for cross over)
  • Epidemiology models, patient funnels, and patient flow analyses
  • Network meta-analyses, indirect comparisons
  • Advanced isease models to predict patient economic and health outcomes

Outcomes research

Obtaining real world outcomes is critical to the development of a product’s value proposition. The added benefit of the patient voice is only realized through high quality research rooted in scales and methodologies that can be published and speak to the ultimate decision makers of care:

  • Development and deployment of patient studies, discrete choice experiments and patient belief and value surveys
  • Incorporating quality of life (QoL) and patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in clinical research and observational studies
  • Questionnaires based on item response theory
  • Focus groups, virtual panels and other interactive methods and tools to collect the right data
Outcomes research
Roman Casciano
Roman Casciano SVP Evidence & Access

Roman Casciano is Senior Vice President within Certara’s Evidence and Access Group. As an applied health economist and market access strategist, Roman has personally led hundreds of engagements in the international market access, HEOR and real world evidence context related to product value demonstration and has deep experience in both formal and informal exchanges with payers and HTA bodies.

Lee Stern
Lee Stern, MSc Vice President, Global Head of Consulting Operations

Lee is responsible for all health economic and market access engagements for global clients. She also oversees the full operations of the New York office. Lee is a strategic and actionable leader managing highly qualified and scientifically robust cross-functional and geographically disparate teams.


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