PBPK, a Regulatory Necessity, Delivers ROI through Reduced R&D Cost and Time

Simcyp has led the way in the development and application of physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) in drug development. From addressing safety issues such as drug-drug-interaction (DDI), to extrapolation of clinical outcomes in untested populations such as pediatric and organ impaired, Simcyp has delivered on its promise of expediting drug development for >20 years. Simcyp PBPK models describe the drug concentration in different organs, behavior across different body tissues, and thus help to inform clinical trial design, first-in-human dosing, formulation design, dose differentiation for special populations, and predictions related to potential DDIs. We will continue to share interesting case studies, which can be found here.
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Simcyp Simulator 已为肿瘤、罕见疾病、中枢神经系统、心脏和其他治疗领域的 250 多个新药和 80 多个标签声明提供了给药决策。Simcyp 启用了第一个也是唯一的一种复杂仿制药的虚拟生物等效性批准。

Simcyp PBPK Simulator



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