The use of modeling and simulation in new drug development has evolved from being a research nicety to a regulatory necessity. Today, modeling and simulation is used in most development programs to optimize key decisions related to safety, efficacy, dosing, special populations, and other labeling requirements. As a pioneer in this field, we recognize that continuing education in both the theory and practice of modeling and simulation in drug development is pivotal to achieving the many benefits of modeling and simulation.

Certara University provides public and on-site corporate training. The format of the courses can either be online, live online, and in-person at your company’s site. In addition, customized training courses or videos on modeling and simulation can be developed for companies to facilitate your learning and development goals. 我们的课程专为药代动力学 (PK) 和药效学 (PD) 领域的新手和高级用户而设计,并采用包括行业标准软件 Phoenix WinNonlin™ 在内的 Certara 软件进行教学。

新信息!Live online courses

Take an online class with real-time interaction with instructors.

This new format means that the course is delivered virtually by an expert Phoenix instructor at pre-specified times. Live online courses provide the benefit of the classroom setting, with real-time interaction with the instructor but without the travel.

Although attending during the class time is encouraged, recordings of the sessions are available to you during the length of the course.

WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO to learn more about live online classes.

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New!  Live online courses
On demand courses any time, any where

On demand courses any time, any where

Certara University has expanded our educational reach with an e-learning platform.

E-learning classes are available on various topics such as:

  • Introduction to Phoenix WinNonlin
  • Population Modeling Using Phoenix NLME
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics
  • Non-compartmental Data Analysis
  • Tutorials for Phoenix, Trial Simulator, Pirana, and more

You can also get a bundled package of an on demand course and Certara Professional Certification.

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On Site Training

Certara’s on site training is led by our scientific experts and cover topics such as:

  • What’s new in each Phoenix version
  • Population Modeling Methodology
  • IVIVC Toolkit for Phoenix WinNonlin—In Vivo-In Vitro Correlations
  • Introductory/Intermediate NCA and PK/PD Modeling & Simulation
  • Variety of Simcyp Workshops

Training courses are offered around the globe in-person or virtually The on site courses are a cost-effective way to facilitate your organization’s learning and development goals. Our instructors are able to field questions and troubleshoot on the spot to meet your individual training needs.

On Site Training
Ana Henry Picture
Ana Henry Executive Director, Training & Certara University

Ana leads the Certara University team in providing modeling and simulation for new drug development through education, skills, and expertise in the global healthcare industry. Ana has more than 20 years experience in a variety of roles in the industry. She has extensive experience in pharmaceutical training, software demonstration, software support, and product management, Ana is also an adjunct faculty member at Skaggs College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado.

Tom Jones Picture
Tom Jones, PhD Manager, Scientific Training

Tom has helped thousands of scientists become proficient in Certara’s Phoenix platform. After completing his PhD in analytical chemistry, he spent several years as an assistant professor, and then came to Certara, where for over 20 years he has applied his passion for teaching scientific software applications.

Simon Davis picture
Simon Davis Senior Application Scientist

Since 2005, Simon has focused on the Phoenix platform modules of WinNonlin, IVIVC, and NLME. He also gives development direction to ensure this suite of tools meets the needs of our diverse users—from simple NCA and IVIVC under GxP, to advanced modelers—and connects with other industry databases and analytical tools.


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