Clinical Pharmacology Insights that Accelerate Drug Development

由于临床药理学内容占药物标签的 50% 以上,因此需要了解如何在药物开发中优化安全性和疗效,这对于您的计划至关重要。Are you feeling daunted by the task of planning your drug’s clinical development? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. In Raj’s Corner, we’ve assembled a series of expert blog posts that will explain clinical pharmacology best practices that support the most streamlined and informative clinical development program. Dr. Rajesh Krishna is currently a Senior Director at Certara’s Integrated Drug Development group. He has more than 20 years of drug development experience with past leadership roles in product value enhancement and quantitative clinical pharmacology at Merck, Aventis, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
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Rajesh Krishna

Rajesh Krishna 博士是 Certara 战略咨询部门的一体化药物开发高级总监。在加入 Certara 之前,Rajesh 曾就职于默克、赛诺菲(即原来的安万特)和百时美施贵宝 (Bristol-Myers Squibb),从事转化和临床开发方面,拥有超过 20 年的制药行业经验。他为 40 多个 IND、超过 200 项 1/1b 期研究提供支持;并帮助在全球范围内注册了 9 个新分子实体。



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